Decentralized Identity

We offer the first-of-its-kind "last mile" solution for taking decentralized identity to global scale. Our open source authentic data stack is designed for and capable of handling billions of identity issuers, issuing billions of credentials that are verified by billions of verifiers.

API Security

Our pioneering scalable zero-knowledge proof architecture creates next-generation API security. No more API keys to be stolen. Real data minimization and secure custodial management of access credentials.

Authentic Data Tools

The authentic data economy with fully digitized trust is here. With our tools, your organization can easily become an authentic data issuer that monetizes your data supply chain. Or an aggregator that monetizes providing the connection between issuers and verifiers. Either way, our tools make that possible.


Go-to-Market Engineering

Let us help you migrate your legacy self-sovereign identity solution to production in stages, gaining more scale and usability at each step until you are part of the authentic data economy.

Custom Solution Design

We have mobile app and browser solutions that we can customize to publish, consume, and collaborate with your authentic data.

Hosted and On-Prem Services

We can host, or help you host, the server components of our authentic data economy stack.

Engineer Training and Support

The authentic data economy is new. Cryptography is hard. Let us train your engineers and product teams on how to best integrate the technology into your data supply chain.


The Authentic Data Economy

Digitizing human trust on a global scale makes the authentic data economy possible.

Securing APIs with Authentic Data

API security is significantly more secure when clients use zero-knowledge proofs presented using revocable BBS+ signatures instead of API keys.

Principles of User Sovereignty

As technologist, we need a moral framework for guiding our work and informing our choices when faced with trade-offs.

A Unified Theory of Decentralization

Designing for decentralization is critical for preventing corporate capture and ultimately protecting the privacy of the users and the independence of the system as a whole.

About Us

Founded by
Industry Experts

Our founders come from many industry leading companies such as the Linux Foundation, Sovrin Foundation, Mozilla, Boeing, Paypal, and CU Ledger. We have a deep conviction that technology must be respectful of its users and strive to apply the principles of user sovereignty to everything we design, build, and deliver.